WACEM21 will be held virtually under the patronage of The World Academic Council of Emergency Medicine and INDUSEM.

WACEM21 will coincide with the EMINDIA2021 National Conference of Academic Emergency Medicine in India & The Emergency Pediatrics & Injuries Congress EPICON2021.

The host institutions of India are led by the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Nagpur.

The Co-Hosting Institutions are The Academic College of Emergency Experts of India, The Emergency Medicine Association, The Sir H.N. Reliance Foundation Hospital Mumbai, The Academy for Clinical Emergency Nursing in India and the World Health Organization Collaborating Center for Emergency and Trauma in Southeast Asia located at AIIMS, New Delhi.

The 10 Days of WACEM21 Virtual Congress will be encompassing the Theme: From Security to Sustainability. The Thematic sessions will be bringing together leading healthcare experts, physicians, and doctors from all over the world to focus on the most critical topics in emergency medicine and explore how new advances in technology are enabling better treatment outcomes for patients in this post COVID Era.

The conference will include workshops and multiple symposia which will be discussing cutting edge topics in transforming patients’ care starting from the first point of contact with the patient through his/ her journey to the hospital.

WACEM is world renowned for providing an outstanding platform for disseminating key scientific and technical information related to emergency medicine, and we are highly confident that the latest edition will serve the needs of institutions and entities in the emergency care industry.

WACEM21 invites academic faculty, practicing emergency experts, medical students, residents, and nurses to present at the congress and also participate in attending the sessions across 10 days.

WACEM21 celebrates the 75 years of Independence for India.





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